Introducing Exelis Visual Information Solutions!

Introducing Exelis Visual Information Solutions

As announced last January, ITT Corporation will spin off its businesses into three standalone companies. With this change, effective October 31, 2011, our parent organization, ITT Defense & Information Solutions, has become Exelis, Inc. A newly public company, Exelis, Inc will be a leader in navigation, networked communications, sensing and surveillance, electronic warfare, air traffic management and information systems.

As a part of this change ITT Visual Information Solutions will become Exelis Visual Information Solutions, Inc.  While our name will change, our commitment to providing you with world-class products and services will remain the same. Our company will continue to develop IDL, ENVI, IAS, E3De and other complementary products and continue to offer a suite of training, support and consulting services.

For more information visit us at or contact you account representative.

About Exelis VIS

Understand the World Around You Today, remotely sensed data is used to make critical decisions, to make discoveries, and to better understand the world around us. Various types of data, from airborne and satellite imagery to non-optical data such as LiDAR and SAR, is growing exponentially in availability and usage. Whether used autonomously or fused together for a more complete picture of a geographic area, remote sensing data is moving professionals across industries and disciplines into a new era of more informed decision making. Exelis Visual Information Solutions is a leading provider of software tools designed to help you get the information you need from your remotely sensed data. We deliver the scientifically proven technologies you need to make accurate, informed decisions using remotely sensed imagery and data. Whether you need to determine the extent of damage from a natural disaster or ensure a safe military operation, our products provide you with critical geospatial awareness.
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2 Responses to Introducing Exelis Visual Information Solutions!

  1. This is very good information!!! Thank you.

  2. Peg Shippert says:

    You are very welcome. Thanks for your feedback!

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