Earth As Art

I just figured out where to do all of my Christmas shopping.  And I wasn’t even trying!  I was actually looking for information about NASA’s Landsat Data Continuity Mission (watch for an upcoming post about that), when I stumbled upon the USGS’s Image Gallery, and more specifically, the three “Earth As Art” collections.  How have I never seen these collections before?  They include Landsat7 images enhanced for aesthetic purposes rather than scientific interpretation.  My tastes tend toward the colorful, so I’m particularly drawn to the images of the tongue of the Malaspina Glacier in Alaska, regular patterns of sand dunes in the Saharan Erg Chech, in southwestern Algeria, and an extensive lava and mud flow originating at the Anyuyskiy Volcano in northeastern Russia.  But it looks like there is something in these galleries for everyone.

Best of all, you can download these beautiful images for free as JPEG or TIFF files, and buy printed posters from the USGS Store for only $25.  I’m wishing I had more walls in my office for these.

An "Earth As Art" poster showing sand dunes in the Saharan Erg Chech, in southwestern Algeria.

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