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Happy Holidays!

The Imagery Speaks team is taking the week off!  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and we’ll see you in the New Year to talk about geospatial imagery, data, analysis, and much more! Happy Holidays!

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DEM versus DTM versus DSM

There are a few terms that I find to be especially confusing to the community of people who use our geospatial software.  I thought it might be useful to clarify how I and others at Exelis VIS use some of … Continue reading

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December Image of the Month: First look at NPP VIIRS data

Last week we got our first peek at data from the new Visible Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) aboard the recently launched NPP satellite.  According to the NASA announcement, the NPP Team at the Space Science and Engineering Center, University … Continue reading

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ASPRS Pecora 18 Symposium

I just returned from the ASPRS Pecora 18 Symposium, held in Herndon, VA. What a great show! There were approximately 500 attendees, many of whom are using satellite imagery, aerial imagery, or LiDAR data and are looking for new ways … Continue reading

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