Et Voila!

Yes, Landsat had a good run – great in fact – and in the coming years I am certain we will all continue to consume and learn from all the great imagery that was collected over the course of decades.  There is much to be said for such a robust dataset to study where we have been and how our incredible planet has changed over time.  And as always – I give props to free data!

Fast forward to present day (when nothing is free) and I can’t help but get excited about the recent launch of SPOT 6. Once the SPOT constellation is complete (with the launch of SPOT 7 in 2013), we will have access to multispectral imagery with “high resolution and large-area coverage” – with a one-day revisit time!  Some .jpg images are already available for download .

I’ve zoomed-in to an area in this image of Bora Bora to what looks like a very nice resort destination. I think I may need to visit sometime.

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