Mark’s Technology Plan for 2013

As this is likely my last blog post of the year, it seems appropriate to join the media bandwagon and reflect on all the good things from 2012. But I’ll spare you most of that and jump to the next cliché – trends I’ll be following in 2013.

This year the offices, conference rooms, and hallways of Exelis VIS were filled with discussions of ENVI in the Cloud, Esri interoperability, and online, on-demand geospatial analytics. Our customers are demanding these capabilities and we are adjusting our business to meet their needs. We see no evidence of this trend changing for 2013. In preparation for 2013 business and technology demonstrations, I’m trying to get smart on the following technologies:

Amazon Web Services For this remote sensing application engineer, the array of Amazon Web Services is a bit daunting. I’ll be looking at which machine types in the EC2 are best suited to image processing tasks. What capacity exists for GPU enabled processing on Amazon? Also, I need to understand the most efficient ways for moving large data to and from the cloud.

GeoServices REST specification  We are building our ENVI Services Engine  on the GeoServices REST specification. The three subcomponents of the specification most important to providing online, on demand geospatial analytics are: image services, feature services, and geoprocessing services. The image and feature services provide the data while the geoprocessing service exposes the image processing tasks.  I’ll be boning up on my IDL, HTTP, and JSON coding skills to support the demonstration of these services.

LiDAR Analytics  Moving past LiDAR as a foundation dataset for providing digital elevation and surface models. I’ll be looking for ways to prove the value of the point cloud through automated feature extraction, local statistical measures of objects and spatial characterization of points. And of course, attempting these all from a web services approach.

This is plenty to keep me busy, but in your mind, what should I be adding to this list in 2013?

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