My thoughts on AAG 2013

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the AAG Annual Meeting in Los Angeles and spent quite a bit of time speaking with people from the academic community.  These are a few of my observations from time spent on the tradeshow floor.

  • Geospatial software plays an important role in geography.  This seems like a no brainer and the constant traffic at the Esri booth was expected.  What was really exciting was to see the increased traffic at the Exelis booth and some of the other new companies launching exciting geospatial software products in the market.
  • Interest in LiDAR has increased quite a bit.  Compared to last year’s event in New York, the interest in our LiDAR software seemed to double.  Researchers, students, and professors are looking at how to add this data type to improve their understanding.  This leads to my next observation.
  • Data fusion.  My colleagues Rebecca and Patrick have written great posts about what that term means to them here and here.  What I observed, is that data fusion means different things to different people, but at the end of the day the ability to combine different data sets is becoming increasingly important.
  • Excitement over Landsat 8.  We here at Exelis VIS have written about our interest in and excitement about the latest Landsat satellite.  It was really great to hear all of the positive impact this continuity of service will have for geographers.

Were you at the AAG Annual Meeting?  What did you find most interesting regarding the use of imagery?

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