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Understand the World Around You Today, remotely sensed data is used to make critical decisions, to make discoveries, and to better understand the world around us. Various types of data, from airborne and satellite imagery to non-optical data such as LiDAR and SAR, is growing exponentially in availability and usage. Whether used autonomously or fused together for a more complete picture of a geographic area, remote sensing data is moving professionals across industries and disciplines into a new era of more informed decision making. Exelis Visual Information Solutions is a leading provider of software tools designed to help you get the information you need from your remotely sensed data. We deliver the scientifically proven technologies you need to make accurate, informed decisions using remotely sensed imagery and data. Whether you need to determine the extent of damage from a natural disaster or ensure a safe military operation, our products provide you with critical geospatial awareness.

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Looking Above for Help Below

I was in central London last weekend and you can’t help but notice all of the work that is going on above ground to support Crossrail, a railway link that passes directly through central London and that will join Maidenhead and Heathrow … Continue reading

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Living in the Cloud

I was extremely inspired when I read my fellow colleague Kate Heightley’s blog “The Cloud – A Definition” dated December 31, 2012, regarding enterprise technologies.  Along with many of our clients and partners looking to adopt and invest in enterprise … Continue reading

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Visit the new! is new and improved! Redesigned with you in mind, our new website will help you learn more about ENVI and IDL and help you access: User contributed code extensions for ENVI, ENVI LiDAR, and IDL Access to Forums that help you … Continue reading

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Here’s to a healthier 2013!

As we are now into the second week of January, let me be one of the last people to wish you a very happy and healthy 2013. Being New Year, it is of course time, yet again, for me to make a New Year’s … Continue reading

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New Technologies & Natural Disaster Response

There doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by when there isn’t some natural disaster or extreme weather event that severely affects the human population. Two weeks ago it was Hurricane Sandy that affected 8.5 million people in New … Continue reading

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Mitigating the spread of Ash Dieback

The newswires have been alive over the last few days with the news that Ash Dieback disease has now arrived in the United   Kingdom.  This devastating disease destroyed 90% of Denmark’s trees and already 100,000 in the UK; it … Continue reading

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GIS in the New Forest

A couple of weekends ago, just before the warmth of summer finally disappeared, the family and I decided to head down to the New Forest, which I believe is the largest tract of unclosed heathland and forest in the heavily populated … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!

The Imagery Speaks team is taking the week off!  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and we’ll see you in the New Year to talk about geospatial imagery, data, analysis, and much more! Happy Holidays!

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Introducing Exelis Visual Information Solutions!

As announced last January, ITT Corporation will spin off its businesses into three standalone companies. With this change, effective October 31, 2011, our parent organization, ITT Defense & Information Solutions, has become Exelis, Inc. A newly public company, Exelis, Inc … Continue reading

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