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What makes a PED, a PED?

The people who work in the Defense and Intelligence Community will attest to the large number of three letter acronyms they encounter daily. It’s not only the organizations (DoD, NGA, DIA, CIA, NSA, etc) but the technical terms too (NTM, … Continue reading

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Communicating with Geospatial PDF’s

A challenge often face by users of geospatial imagery is the ability to easily provide information from image analysis to those who don’t have access to the same software and tools. PDF (portable document format) are currently used as a … Continue reading

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The Satellite Sentinel Project: A New Template for Documenting War Crimes

Everyday unique applications for geospatial imagery and image analysis are being developed, outside of traditional applications, to understand what is happening around the world.  Currently, geospatial imagery and GIS are playing a role in the work to end the humanitarian … Continue reading

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Delivering Imagery to Mobile Devices

As the level of interest in tactical use of mobile devices increases, so does the desire to provide timely geospatial imagery.  Take, for example, a disaster scenario like Hurricane Katrina.  First responders needed information such as the locations and boundaries … Continue reading

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On Demand Geospatial Image Dissemination

Geospatial imagery provides current information defense and intelligence personnel, first responders, and other tactical users need to make mission-critical decisions. The challenge is getting this data to them quickly and easily. These end users frequently operate in environments where bandwidth … Continue reading

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